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Recently, the stock battery pallet stacking car was identified by the provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision (office of the provincial famous brand strategy promotion committee) as zhejiang famous brand products.

"Famous brand product" is the provincial famous brand to promote committee according to the local market supervision and administration, third party certification body, related quality inspection units, and the user's opinion, especially in the last three years of production management, market development, product quality, trademark protection, brand construction, enterprise economic benefits such as comprehensive index to assess.


At the same time, the national intellectual property office issued the honor of "national intellectual property advantage enterprise" title. The company has always attached great importance to the standardization of intellectual property management. The management of intellectual property is required to be integrated into various aspects of enterprise r&d, production, sales and operation management. The creation, application, protection and management of the company's intellectual property have been effectively standardized and improved.