Introduction to electronic power steering system


Traditional electric truck, both hands on the handle, force through the chain drive the direction wheel steering, purely mechanical transmission is difficult to operate, when the goods are heavier, is very difficult, but if the driving road uneven, the road to the direction of the vibration of the wheel will be passed on to the handle, caused the phenomenon of "thugs", bring great difficulty to handle control.


      The steering sensor will automatically "sense" the force distance of the steering wheel and the direction of the intended rotation to the steering system controller when the truck equipped with electronic steering system (EPS) is steering. The steering system controller will drive the torque, the direction of the intended rotation and other data signals, and issue the action command to the steering motor, so that the motor output the corresponding rotation torque according to the specific needs, so that the steering can be easily completed. To operate the truck or truck with electronic steering, the steering required only 1/5 of the original manpower, and the steering could be completed easily with a single stroke of fingers.