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Circuit system

1. Check the sensitivity of each control system. Forklift truck.

2. Check the contact point for wear.

3. Check the light signal system, and replace the bulb and fuse if necessary.

4. Check and adjust the proportion of sulfuric acid of the battery, clean the battery surface, and tighten the battery connector.

5. Check the lifting, running and pumping carbon into the hydraulic pump.

6. Whether the insulation and connecting parts are damaged or loose.

7. Whole circuit dedusting.

The transmission system

1. Check the tire screws and tires.

2. Check and adjust the brake system and movable joint to add butter.

3. Clean the rotating bearing, bearing and lubricate. Electric forklift truck.

4. Check the automatic wave box system, the automatic wave box and the filter.

Clean the gear box and change gear oil.

Chain components

1. Check the lifting chain, whether there are cracks and damage.

2.Clean up the chain, bearing and lubricate.

3. Clean up lifting chain, chain shaft and lubricating oil.

Hydraulic system

1. If necessary, adjust and clean the hydraulic oil valve.

2. Check the hydraulic pump, oil pipe, joint and oil seal for non-oil leakage.

3. Clean the hydraulic oil tank, change the hydraulic oil and clean the filter. Manual forklift truck.